Wednesday, December 3, 2008

S.V.E.S.T. - Urfaust

I have to admit the only reason I am giving this a second listen is in anticipation of the forthcoming split with Deathspell Omega. I remember listening to this a long ago and being apalled by it, but I forgot to note specifically how and why. I am initially offended because I feel like someone, maybe more than one person, expects me to listen to this without immediately turning it off. Usually when I read a review of someone calling an metal album "unlistenable" or "total garbage" Im instantly dying to hear it. Usually I find it to be decent at least. People say Beherit sounds like total shit. Some people like me are aware that it sounds the way it was supposed to sound. So please understand that I do know how to listen to and enjoy music that sounds like static to other people. I'm a big fan of World (jap), Masonna, Rehtfa Ruo, Paysage d'Hiver, and so on. This is an album where it is clear to me that the audio fidelity or lack thereof was more important to someone than the music that was written for the album. It sounds like listening to the radio between three different stations. One of them is playing old Mutiilation rehearsals, another is the 24 hour crappy guitar solo channel, and another is playing hearts of space. Ignoring the sound quality, the music isnt anything special. S.V.E.S.T. play chaotic sort of fast obnoxious black metal with some thrash elements involved, somewhat typical for French stuff of this era. Theres a few somewhat clever guitar / synth harmonies strewn about but certainly nothing that makes it worth listening to this album for any length of time. Its not often that I will thoroughly dismiss a underground black metal album and regard it as having zero merit, but this is an exception. If its any advice to someone who has yet to hear this album but is curious to do so: move on, nothing to see here, NEXT.

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