Saturday, December 20, 2008

2009? Anyone?

The coming year may usher in some new gems within the metal genre. It already looks better than 2008, but only time will tell. Furthermore, I wish to enumerate the reasons here.

- First of all Gorgoroth. BOTH OF THEM. I'm more excited about Infernus' version due to the recent re-installation of once former vocalist Pest as well as former guitarist Tormentor. While the legal dispute drags on for the namesake of the band, Gaahl's version of Gorgoroth will also release new material. Despite this, let me just go on record as saying that this band has always been an abortion that gets lucky half of the time. Why the hell cant Infernus secure a real line-up?

- Though I'm a huge fan of their early work, I highly doubt any new material from Immortal will even be worth downloading, but you never know. When is the last time you heard a decent re-union album? Then again, when was the last time you heard a decent Immortal album? 1997 is the correct answer.

- Though I'm getting a little sick of hearing about it without having an actual product for several years now, there is still talk of a new Thorns album being unearthed.

- Elysian Blaze will darken thy path with some new stuff next year. If their contribution to the previously reviewed split is a competent glimpse, I will be very pleased.

- Supposedly Finland's Warloghe is working on new material. I'll believe it when I hear it.

- With new drummer Dirge Rep (enslaved, gehenna), Sweden's Craft are working on a new album entitled "Void".

- According to their myspace, Lamented Souls are working on a debut full length. After eleven years of not having new material I wonder how different this will be.

- Fungoid Stream? These criminally underknown Lovecraftian doomsters were supposed to release "Oceanus" this year but I guess 2009 will be the year for it to happen.

- After hearing Absu's side of a split 7" with Rumpelstiltskin Grinder out on relapse this year, we are in for a maddeningly thrashful opus from the new line-up. Let's hope they debut a few new tunes at the next Maryland Death Fest which I hope to attend.

- Nokturnal Mortum are supposedly gearing up for new stuff and also playing a few first ever gigs in Finland with Temnozor.

- Filling recent years' lack of good doom will be Mournful Congregation if all goes as planned. This will be out January 20th

- Following VVORLDVVITHOUTEND is something I wouldn't wish upon any band, but if any band can top it, Katharsis is the band for the job. I really look forward to this with curiosity.

- Wolves in the Throne Room tell me that March is when we will see a new album from them. Expect longer songs, and more dying.

other notable possibilities (because this is getting boring):
Black Death Ritual
Darkwoods My Betrothed!!!!
Clandestine Blaze!
Ruins of Beverast
Dawn?? (Pffft probably not)
Funeral Mist
Beherit? (we shall see)
Negative Plane
Necros Christos
Altar of Perversion

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