Saturday, March 28, 2009

Storm - "Nordavind"

This is the kind of band that should only put out one album and then be done. Its a great idea but needn't be carried further than this one terrific slab of an album. Out viking-ing this album is unflattering and unpossible. While Isengard's "Høstmorke" and Otyg's "Alvefard" do come close, both are well established enough within their own persona that I wouldnt say they are frighteningly similar. While some tracks on here are traditionals (other bands doing the same songs can be found on soulseek), the whole album plays wonderfully ending in the epic "Noregsgard" which is a song that can also be found on Darkthrone's Panzerfaust with different lyrics. The music is very mid-paced and maintains a steady consistent pace which builds a staunch and catchy nature to the songs. Sung in Norwegian primarily by Satyr Wongraven, the vocals are always a perfect complement to the irresistable guitars. Kari Rueslatten's angelic singing can do no wrong here. Most of the time she lends backing vocals, but she really shines on "Langt Borti Lia" which she gets the spotlight on. Her incredible voice can album be heard on early 3rd and the Mortal albums. This is an album I have loved and come back to repeatedly over the years, and it never fails me.