Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Forgotten Kingdoms - Demo I

The first time I listened to Eternum's Devouring Descent is a memory that will stay with me for a very long time.  That album is very very special to me.  The metal on it is great and the intros / interludes are equally, remarkably enthralling.  Through some internet sleuthery last week I happened to catch wind that Tour-de-Garde was releasing a limited cassette of the singer's dungeon synth project in limited quantities.  So I picked one up and it arrived in a timeley fashion.

Last weekend I was at Costco and I watched a young lady who was employed at the store scurrying to tend to her needs on her break.  She was making an urgent phone call while ordering two slices of pizza and hurry to the break room to swallow the greasy salt bread as quickly as it would slither down her throat between words.  As she collected her things to head to the break room I was sole witness to watching her wanton pizza slices make a run for it.  In tandem they lept from her paper plate and slapped face down on the floor.  I immediately looked upto her face and her conversation was interrupted by the pure honesty of a frown that this particular happenstance deserved.

In one mere moment she had a desire for pizza, she got that pizza and satisfaction was within her grasp almost immediately, only to have it robbed from her by gravity's begrudging grip.  This little story is a perfect metaphor for how my relationship with this demo has gone so far, particularly upon listening to it.

If this tape were ever a kingdom, it certainly would have been better off  remaining forgotten.

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