Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bad News

My computer is totally broke. No internet. Working two jobs currently, moving in a few weeks. Hoping to write a review of my favorite album "Battles in the North" for Jason's "Black Metal Revolution" book whenever I get a chance.

Korova - a Kiss in the Charnel Fields
Korova - Dead Like an Angel
Belmez - Behemoth
In the Woods - Heart of the Ages
In the Woods - Omnio
Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard

Stuff I wish I was listening to:
New music from Melechesh, Inquisition, Akerbeltz, Perdition Temple, and Jaldaboath

In the mean time my guitarist from Satan's Almighty Penis and I have begun yet another new band wherein I am mainly writing the music. The style is in the vein of Isengard, Troll, Otyg, and Falkenbach. Also my other band When Bitter Spring Sleeps has a split Cd with Panopticon coming out on Pagan Flames any day now. You can pre-order it for $8ppd at

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